by Oliver Smith

I am currently developing a sequence of projects that embody my vision for craft to operate in an expanded cultural field. My ambitious plans for the future demonstrate my drive to seek new challenges and to grow artistically. I consider it the craftsperson’s responsibility to offer a compelling contribution to culture and to advance the contemporary context. This continues the tradition of making objects as a means to explore the nature of existence.

Trophy Pendants Inverted

Trophy Pendants Concept Sketch


Sketches and Notes

O&A Mandala


O&A Noticeboard

Research – Workshop Noticeboard

O&A Concept

Exhibition Display Concept


Bolter Buckle Process Sketch

Hippopotamus Ivory

Antique Hippopotamus Tooth + Suzerain Process Sketch


Type Setting Process in the Book Studio
Printmedia & Drawing, ANU School of Art

O&A Bench

Workshop Bench – Trophy Pendant and Amulet Cuff Research